When it comes to household essentials, cotton simply can't be beat. It's well-loved in the home for its incredible natural qualities. Absorbent and breathable, cotton is one of the most sumptuous and durable fabrics.

Our cotton comes from India and Egypt where some of the world's best cotton is grown. None of our products are made from inferior short staple cotton, and we take extra care to ensure our luxurious bed linen is made from excellent long staple cotton.

Many of our products are made on a hand loom rather a power loom. Thanks to the skill of expert weavers, hand spun linens have wonderful benefits over machine-made products. Hand spun linen is often softer because the cotton fibres aren't damaged by the rough handling of the machine. Hand spun linen is also known to be more breathable and more absorbent, making for a drier, more comfortable fabric.

Cotton outshines any synthetic material in and around the home. It's free from harmful toxins and is completely biodegradable. While synthetics come and go on store shelves, pure cotton will remain a best seller for years to come.

In the bedroom

Cotton is the most comfortable fabric used in bed linen hands-down. With cotton, you couldn't get a better sleep. Cotton fibres love water, so it absorbs moisture and it prevents you from sweating while you sleep like you do with synthetics. Cotton is also breathable. It can be used all year round to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When cotton is of a beautiful quality (like ours is) it feels silky soft on the skin and makes you melt into your mattress.

In the kitchen

Cotton is the number one seller when it comes to kitchen linen – and for good reason. Kitchen linen like table cloths and aprons need to withstand heavy use. Cotton is perfect for the job because it is washes out well, requires little detergent and doesn't stain like synthetics do. High-quality cotton tea towels dry glasses without leaving streaks or lint, and pure cotton oven mitts contain no chemicals that becomes toxic near a flame.