About Us


Our story

In the beginning...

Rans started out as a small family-run company. Now, we've been in business for over twenty five years, providing retailers with beautiful quality home linen. We cater to stores at home and abroad, ever expanding into new markets.

Beautiful products, excellent prices

At Rans, we've always believed that exceptional quality products don't have to come at a high price. That's why we're dedicated to providing you with superior cotton and linen products at the best possible prices. We make this happen with lean management and by cutting back on operational costs. We run a tight ship in order to slash prices for our valued customers.

Fashion matters

The home linen market is constantly changing, always influenced by the latest trends. At Rans, we ensure our products are always up-to-date. We never sell out-moded products and base our designs on the hottest international trends. Your customers will love our current products.


Leading designer & importer of quality home decor, bed, table, outdoor, bath and kitchen linen.

RANS began its journey in 1995 as a small family business. The owners shared a vision, dedicated to the transformation of houses to homes, through offering quality textiles and soft furnishings at reasonable prices. RANS has positioned itself at the forefront of the home furnishings market, engaged in the design, import and wholesale of their products. The team at RANS has a passion for what they do, and work tirelessly to offer a wide range of textiles across the Home Décor, Kitchen, Table, Bath, Bed and Outdoor Linen segments. RANS supply their products to retailers across Australasia, Asia Pacific & South East Asia, while also expanding into other overseas markets.

The company believes in strong processes and continuously strive for improvement, resulting in high quality products. Research, Design and Development of new products remains an integral part of the business, satisfying a demanding and rapidly changing market. Company is focused on satisfying the needs of consumers by building valued business partnerships with collaborators, customers, suppliers and key stakeholders.

Key priorities continue to be of lean management, containing operational costs, working cooperatively with stakeholders and effectively managing its business in an environment that is heavily influenced by international trends.

Company takes great pride in our two very strong and well established brands; RANS and the signature brand Jenny Mclean. RANS vision is to excel in transforming the house to home by offering quality products at a reasonable price.